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At Jordans we have been proud to have been involved in miscarriage of justice work since 2002 . From small beginnings we have established ourselves as strong players in the field with an impressive record of quashed convictions and sentences .

We approach cases from a no nonsense stance and give all of our appellants an honest and detailed assessment of their prospects of success .


If we find grounds which we can appeal then we will do so with the utmost vigour .  As a result we do not review cases quickly but rather take time to make sure we have considered every aspect before we give our final opinion .


We also have access to a range of leading experts and counsel who help us deliver the highest quality review of cases .


Some of our recent cases have included :


Regularly reported in the national media and consistently fighting the corner of those who have suffered miscarriages of justice . For jordans getting justice is not just our promise its what we live for

Criminal Appeal Work

Mark Newby

 R v W [ 2010 ] - quashed  Historic Case


 R v S [ 2010 ] - quashed IPP  Sentence


 R v H [ 2010 ] - Historic Case  on issue doli incopax


 R v F [ 2010 ] - quashed case  on genital deformity


 R v Lawless [ 2009 ] - quashed   murder conviction


 R v B [ 2009 ] - quashed  historic case



James McGowan