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has one quality solicitor whom commit to constant independent evaluation of their quality and performance together with the 4 Key pledges of a quality solicitor which are :


Jordans thought off stiff competition to be recognised and accepted as the Quality Solicitor representative for Doncaster and Kiveton Park ( including the geographical area - Anston , Dinnington , Harthill , Killamarsh , Wales and Woodsetts  ) .


You will not find another Quality Solicitor in these areas as we have exclusive territory .


For that we owe our clients something special and as a QualitySolicitor we shall deliver it .


We look forward to welcoming you from Thursday 11th November onwards to QualitySolicitors Jordans .

When CEO of Quality Solicitors Craig Holt launched QS in 2009 this came from the inability to tell one solicitor from another . Most would be members of specialist panels and all were subject to monitoring by the Solicitors Regulation Authority . However that did not help a consumer decide who was a good quality solicitor they could rely on .


The answer is QualitySolicitor a national brand which you will have now seen on the television and increasingly everywhere else .


The Brand carefully selects and assesses only the best legal firms around the country and each town or city  

Quality Solicitors since their launch in 2009 have changed the legal market and are a direct alternative to Tesco Law in 2012

QualitySolicitors Jordans - Changing the Legal Market