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Since 14th July 2010 only Specialist Providers can offer advice in Prison Law to ensure the highest quality representation . Jordans Solicitors LLP are an approved provider .


Contact our Team of Rachel Baldwin and Mark Newby for high quality Prison Law representation . We have a strong track record in Early release applications , Sentence planning and Judicial Review .


Details of the kinds of cases we can now accept is across the page but always contact us for advice as to whether we can accept your case .

If you or your loved one is in custody this does not mean that they should not have their rights protected and Jordans are recognised by the Legal Service Commission as specialist Prison Law advisers

Prison Law - Specialist Service  

Rachel Baldwin

Mark Newby



          Parole Applications


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          Re-Cat Applications


          MDT Cases


         Deaths in Custody


         Oral Hearings


         Judicial Review Cases