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Making a Will could not be simpler at Jordans LLP and it could literally save you thousands and thousands of pounds . People who fail to make a will die intestate and the result is that your assets will be held on fixed trusts which will not help you get your money and assets to the people you want to benefit generally .


These days with property values and other benefits it is easy to get up to or over the Inheritance Tax threshold - currently £325,000  .


We can offer expert advice on exactly how you can plan your will to protect your estate from being eaten up  by inheritance tax .


We can also offer help over nursing fees and powers of attorney .

When a loved one dies invariably you will need to obtain a Grant of Probate and this involves a fairly detailed procedure of collecting in details of assets , paying assets and liabilities and paying inheritance tax .


Once the Grant is issued then each and every asset and liability needs to be dealt with . Particular complexities can occur where there are investments , shares and trusts .


Having a solicitor on board eases the stress upon you at a difficult time and will often deal with resolving the estate much more quickly and efficiently .


Our fees are calculated by a time and value element - please check with us for more details

Whether its making provision for your loved ones or dealing with the estate of a relative or friend Jordans offer a range of expert services to help you through the legal complexities

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